7 Things To Look for When Choosing Your Wedding Reception Venue

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to get down to business and start planning your dream wedding. With so much to do and expectations to meet, one of the most important decisions you will make along your dream wedding journey is choosing where you will have your wedding reception. Today, we look at seven things to look for when choosing your wedding reception venue. 

Close to Airport & Major Interstates

With guests coming in from all over the country and even all over the world it is important to have your wedding reception at a venue that is near an airport as well as major interstates. Whether the guests are flying or driving, you will be sure to make it convenient for them to make it to the party. 

Hotel Venue

Safety is one of the most important aspects of the wedding reception venue decision-making process. While you can guarantee they have a good time, you can’t always guarantee they will make the right decision after the reception is over. Choose a venue that is at a hotel and offers a room discount for your guests. After a night of celebrating, it’s great to know that your friends and loved ones can get to their pillows via the elevator. Also, it allows you to wake up in the morning and have a dip in the pool or enjoy mimosas in the early afternoon. 

Open Bar

It’s a polite gesture to host your guests for the evening as they have traveled and made arrangements to attend your special day. It has become the norm to have an open bar. Find a venue that will be able to accommodate a full open bar for the entire duration of the event. You would hate to have your guests feel unappreciated. Plus, you will have nothing to worry about with a venue that can also provide lodging following the amazing party.  

Onsite Wedding Planner

Find a wedding venue that not only offers a wedding planner to help you plan your dream wedding, but also a venue that will make sure he/she is there the day of the event. At the Mirage Banquets, our Banquet Manager and Lead Wedding Planner Jakub Neminarz will be there with you every step of the way. 

Price Conscious Venue

You may have heard the saying, if you put the word wedding in front of it, triple the price. Well, that shouldn’t always be true. Find a venue that is willing to work within your budget and truly cares and understands about the value of what things cost. A wedding shouldn’t cause a lifetime of debt. Plus, I am sure you want to save some for the beautiful honeymoon, right? 


Everyone who has attended a wedding knows how dreadful the gap between the ceremony and the reception can be. While you are taking photos make sure you have somewhere for the guests to hang out. What better place than an upscale lounge? The Oasis Lounge at the Mirage will make sure your guests are smiling when your limo arrives to begin the reception. 


The wedding reception venue you choose should have plenty of positive reviews. Make sure you find a venue that not only gives you reviews but allows you to reach out to past brides who had an amazing experience with the prospective venue.

We hope you enjoyed our seven wedding venue must-haves. The good news is, The Mirage Banquets provides all seven of the things to look for when choosing your wedding reception venue. Be sure to reach out directly to schedule an appointment with our Banquet Manager Jakub Neminarz