Mr. George Fountalas immigrated from Greece when he was just 18 years old on a quest to find a better life. George traveled across the Atlantic with just ten dollars in his pocket, six of which he spent on drinks for a lady, and one phone number of a family friend in Canada. George’s initial passion was writing and literature, but found a new passion in food and the community it brings together. While living in Chicago, Mr. George worked at the legendary Drake Hotel downtown and began saving money to open his own restaurant. George moved his family out to the suburbs and opened the Mirage Restaurant. His son, Jimmy, began working in the business in 1997 as a server. Jimmy worked his way up to general manager and took over the the reign of the business. Under Jimmy’s control the restaurant expanded the menu and remodeled the lounge ad eating area to offer a contemporary mid century modern ambiance. Jimmy believes the employees happiness and ability to make a positive living is what drives the Mirage. The dynamic where the customer and the employee are equally valued is absolutely necessary.